Been wanting to build this after watching way too many YT vids about this. So here we go :)

SketchUp Drawing (Found online)

Build the base!

Northern Tool 5x8 Trailer Base
Base with bedliner bottom (upside down atm)
Base mounted

Side Walls

Tracing the curve!
Sidewalls mounted
LVP flooring first so its not in the way
Door cutout

Rear kitchenette / cabinets

Rear shelving
Drawer with Fridge
Add back wall
Sliding cabinets
First spar + varnish
Interior shell coming up!

Insulation / Wiring

Exterior Shell


Spars for the hatch
Dry fit of hatch skeleton

Fiberglass Exterior

Door installed
Some terrible job with caulk
Trim + Fan installed
Rear hatch with support

Battery / Inverter / Solar

Tongue box with DIY LiFePO4 Battery Bank

Finally Finished!

Trail run!
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